About Us

Az Fiberglass has been around for 6yearsin the valley,with 41 years experience in the fiberglass industry.Fiberglass is a great piece of material, it is used to produce a lot of durable goods like cars,custom bodies for racecars, motorcycles,and street rods , home improvement items, and much more. In many instances, our customers provide us with a simple sketch, in which case we develop accurate shop drawings, then produce a plug from which the mold is made prior to the production run. To reduce your initial outlay you can produce your own plug (or provide a sample of the part you want reproduced) and we can simply pull a mold off the plug or sample.)As with our fabrication process, we do mold and plug development and production by hand, with extreme detail to the quality of the finish against which the mold release agent (usually gelcoat) will lie. This greatly increases the probability of getting a fully acceptable piece out of the mold the very first time.Whether you want us to do the end product, or just produce a mold for you to use for gaining competitive bids, just let us know. We will be glad to help you.

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